Toro Leaf Blower

Toro leaf blower models include electric and gas leaf blowers. Some have a vacuum feature like the Rake and Vac, Super Blower Vac and the Ultra Blower Vac. Many of these popular Toro blowers use mulching blades to shred the leaves or grass and then outputs them into a bag or sac.

toro leaf blowerThe gas blower vac models like the 51984, allow for an effective all-in-one gas powered tool for your lawn and yard cleaning needs. The best thing about the gas Toro blower vacuums is that they are very powerful and feature commercial strength power with a 25.4cc 2 -cycle engine. This should be enough and more for most home uses. If more or less power is needed, there are other options offered by Toro to meet your needs.

Of the electric Toro leaf blower units, you’ll be able to pick depending on the size of your job. There are several criteria that will help you choose. First, you’ll want to think about air speed. Faster the air speed, the more powerful your blowing ability. With Toro, the consumer has the choice between 160 mph to 235 mph. This is similar to horse power rating with other power tools.

Toro Leaf Blower Mulcher Vac Options

Another thing to think about is motor abilities. This may be compared to how many strokes an engine has. This Toro, the lower models only have one speed. But, with higher models like the Super Blower Vac, you can choose between two speeds with its 2-speed motor. Similarly, with the Ultra Blower Vac 51599, you get infinitely variable air control. This is great to be able to precisely control the power, so that you can slow down when getting closer to the pile without all your hard work going to waste.

The versatility of the combo leaf blowers on sale is what home owners love. They can blow the leaves into a pile, vacuum them up and then shred them to fill one bag instead of 8-10 bags of leaves with models that don’t use a shredder or mulching blade. All this and the fact that then new models are highly lightweight really set Toro leaf blowers apart from the rest. Another great thing is that these units use a cord-lock system to hold the power cord tight. And, when you buy one, you get all the accessories you need with it like the power unit, blower tubes, vacuum tubes, bag and instruction manual from Toro. Noise level for the Ultra Blower Vac 12 amp device by Toro is 50 feet of 67 decibels. Also, the price point with this popular home improvement brand is quite competitive as well.

Toro Leaf Blower Vac / Mulchers

If you own many power tools, is a leaf blower one of those? If you have experience with leaf blowers with vacuum and mulcher / shredder options, what would you say about them? Which of the gas or electric Toro leaf blower vacuum all-in-one models are you considering?