Stihl Leaf Blower

One thing about a Stihl leaf blower is that it will get the job done. From gas powered to electric cordless blowers with vac and mulcher options, Stihl USA make them all. They are known for handheld low-emission leaf blowers to backpack blowers used for commercial applications. Models like the Stihl BG 85, BG 55, BG46, and even the BR 600 have become standards and the workhorses of the leaf blowing industry among the other top brands of blowers.

stihl leaf blowerThere are several things to think about when considering the various Stihl blower for sale. First, consider if you want a gas or electric model. Then, you’ll have to choose various power levels in terms of voltage and displacement as well as motor and engine output of the units. Keeping in mind your power needs will make sure you don’t spend more money than needed. Electric models will be measured in volts, hz & kW (BGE 61, 120V, 60hz, 1.1 kW). Gas powered blowers will have specs in cc, cu. in. & bhp (ie, BG55 @ 27.2 cc, 1.66 cu. in., 0,9 bhp). BHP or blowing horse power is what many will focus on.

Air velocity and volume are other measures of power to research when choosing between Stihl leaf blower vac models. Some home owners and professional landscapers will choose a model depending on this specification as well. These numbers can be measured in mph and cfm. Models like the BGE 71 have a high and low setting with different values. Also, others will have different ratings for flat and round tubes. Generally, the higher the power and blowing volume, the higher the price. So, getting just what you need will help to keep you on budget.

Popular Stihl Leaf Blower Models - BR500 / BR600

Some other things to think about include weight fuel capacity and sound rating. For those that are using these for a leaf blowing business, sound ratings are important to consider. Many cities and municipalities will have a dB(A) rating that cannot be surpassed or fines with be ensued. Fuel capacity will be important to know how much uptime you’ll need on a given day. Of course, for electric models like the BGE 61 and BGE 71 will be measured in hours of operation and mAH.

Workers that will be using these products all day will be worried about weight as well. This is important for both handheld and backpack versions. This is where reading online reviews from real users will come in handy. Also, researching knowledge in the manuals and guides online will give a user a good idea of what to expect. Learning about the weight as well as fuel mix, and ease of use for vac / mulcher combination products before buying can be a huge help.

Stihl Leaf Blower Mulcher Vac Products

There are many brands of leaf blower for sale at local stores and online. But, not all have the name recognition of Stihl USA. For the price of these power tools for yard work, buying one is an investment. If you're not sure which Stihl blower, sprayer or vacuum / mulcher is for you, check out the comparisons online at the Stihl site. For those looking for the best leaf blower for home or commercial use, checking out the various Stihl leaf blower vacuum mulcher products will ensure any pile of leaves gets cleaned up properly.