Leaf Blower Vacuum

For many homeowners, a leaf blower vacuum is essential to getting yard work done in a quick and efficient manner. Owning one of these blowers whether cordless, electric or gas powered, will save time, money and storage space of having to have a separate vacuum and having to physically rake leaves. For those with back problems or the elderly, blowing leaves into a pile, attaching a bag to a trash can and engaging the vacuum and or mulcher function is the only option when considering the best leaf blower / vacuum models.

leaf blower vacuumThere are many high performance blower combination vacuum and mulcher products for sale on the market. Almost every home improvement brand sells at least one in their merchandise line. With all the top features and options like variable speed, electric and gas-powered, as well as handheld and backpack styles, consumers have the same versatility in choices as when choosing ordinary leaf blowers without a vac option. This goes for vacuum mulcher models as well. Consider the same pros and cons as conventional leaf blower comparisons and factor in these added options to make the best decision.

Top brand names of home power tools for leaf blowing include Echo, Toro, Stihl, Black and Decker, and Ryobi. The Toro 51574, 51592 & 51599 Ultra leaf blower vacuum models as well as the Ryobi RY09050 26cc have served many homes well across the country. The Black & Decker LH4500 and the LeafHog are a couple more favorites of handy homeowners that enjoy maintain their own yard. All these companies have various lines of gas and electric blowers that have both blowing and vacuuming abilities. Most of the popular backpack and handheld models are made by the above manufacturers and a few more for home use. Husqvarna is another name that many homeowners may not know, but are widely used by lawn care specialists. Models like the Hysqvarna 125BVX, 28cc unit as well as the 150BT & 125B will certainly be enough for most leaf piles at home.

Popular Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulchers

Local stores where you’ll be able to find these leaf blowers for sale include places like Sears, Walmart, Ace Hardware and Home Depot. Online shops include Amazon, eBay, Northern Tool, and Lowe’s. Looking out for seasonal sales and outlet pricing for older models is a must for those seeking the lowest prices. As these items are relatively heavy compared to other products, free shipping coupon codes can also be useful if buying online. These have become so popular that even infomercials like those as seen on tv have been made to informed potential customers regarding the many benefits of leaf blower vac units. For another level of cost savings, consider lesser known brands like MTD Southwest, Southland and Greenworks. The value brands may have just the right cost to benefit ratio some are looking for. Refurbished and remanufactured leaf blower models can be hugely discounted as well. Just be sure to know read the warranty and return policy carefully.

Reading real user reviews online for ratings and opinions is a great idea before investing in a leaf blower of any kind. But, with a leaf blower vac, these add another aspect to research into to assure that the product works as advertised and will be reliable for years to come. Knowing what comes with the retail package is important as well. Sometimes, the vacuum bag and other accessories like sweeper nozzle and vacuum bag adapater for effective use of the vacuuming function are not included. So, the added cost of these items needs to be factored into the purchase price when compared to models that do include them.

Leaf Blower Vacuum Shredder Products

Each household will have different needs when it comes to maintaining their foliage. Some consumers need power for debris from large trees while others need the freedom of a cordless blower. For those searching for an all-in-one solution to leaf blowing with vac and even muclhers functions at home or for a professional business, adding electric & gas powered leaf blower vacuum models to the list can make yard work easier, efficient and more convenient.