Gas Leaf Blower

The best gas leaf blower units are made by companies like Stihl & Echo with vacuum and mulcher features. Whether you need a backpack or handheld model, there are different things to consider when shopping for gas-powered leaf blowers. These gas blowers can be great for commercial and home use, so a little research of reviews and ratings can go a long way.

gas leaf blowerSome top-rated gas blower brands are made by some of the usual names in home improvement tools like Stihl, Echo, Husqvarna, Toro and Poulan. Many people go to trusted local stores and online to purchase these leaf blowers like Sears, Tractor Supply as well as Amazon and Home Depot. It is definitely recommended that you go locally to look and feel the gas-powered leaf blowers that you’re considering. This will help in the decision process. Then, go back home and do some price comparisons before you buy.

Many consumers and professionals alike are concerned about power. Gas-powered blowers definitely have the advantage when it comes to having high rated mph and cfm. The technology here is more developed as commercial yard maintenance companies mostly use gas leaf blower models as their tools of choice to get the job done like gas backpack blowers. Of course, you have to figure the price of fuel into the use of these versus electronic versions which use electricity via a power cord or via battery power with 18v and 20v systems.

Review of Gas Leaf Blower Options

These gasoline powered units can be quite pricey when it comes to the higher up models. This is true of the higher displacement engine models like 25cc to 50cc 2-cycle and 4-cycle blowers. Also, these can come in the handheld, walk behind and backpack blower devices. If you’re trying to save money on those for home use, then check out Toro, Worx and Craftsman. There’s definitely a good value for the price that you pay.

When considering the best leaf blowers for sale, whether gas or electric, think about the accessories that come with your purchase as well. Some companies sell these extra parts on the side while others include them in your purchase like vacuum bags, gutter kits, straps and miscellaneous replacement parts. Knowing what you get can help make the buying experience more satisfying in general. Also, small features can make a big difference like a see through fuel tank, tube mounted throttle, commercial grade 4-stroke engine, being carb compliant, and having the highest rated mph or cfm value that you can afford.

Gas Leaf Blower Comparison

Many still enjoy the power of these blowers, but have a problem with the emissions and the noise since gas model blowers are known to be noiser. Many states and cities have laws and ordinances regarding sound on power tools these days, especially with leaf blowers. Also, don’t overlook weight. If you’re going to wearing and using this all day, you want the lightest one possible without compromising power. If you own one, which gas leaf blower for sale did you buy?