Echo Leaf Blower

Echo leaf blower models include both handheld and backpack types. The company prides itself on high power in both mph and cfm ratings while being able to operate in low noise applications. With their ProFire ignitions and Posi-Loc tubes, Echo leaf blowers are definitely up their with the best leaf blowers in the market with the many top Echo blowers they manufacture.

echo leaf blowerThe current handheld blowers include the PB-250 and the PB-255. These have the same engine displacement at 25.4cc. The Echo PB-255 has a low noise level of 65 dB(A) which meets most restrictions in cities and states. It also boasts a higher max air speed at 160 mph versus 135 of the PB-250. Both have rotary-valve diaphragms (versus butterfly-valve in other units) as the carburetor type and have a 16.9 fuel capacity. If you have low noise needs, then the handheld Echo blower for you us the PB-255.

The Echo backpack blower models are really geared towards commercial use or serious home use for big lawns and yards. Like other leaf blowers, choosing is based on your power, noise, and mount needs. With the many backpack blowers by Echo, they make a model with almost the same specifications, but then vary the throttle mount as either a hip mount or tube mount. This goes for the PB-500H and the PB-500T, the PB-620H and the PB-620ST, and the PB-770H and the PH-770T. You can tell by the model number designation. So, if you need a serious gas-powered leaf blower, compare the 500, 620 and 770 series models and then choose the hip-mounted throttle or tube-mounted throttle. This shows the dedication that Echo has to its users and knowing their desires in the products they use. They even have articles and videos on how to mix oil and fuel, how to select a blower and even how to properly use an Echo leaf blower.

Top-Rated Echo Leaf Blower Features

When searching for the best leaf blower by Echo like the popular PB-261l, thinking about the type, size of your yard and power are the first steps. Going deeper into specifications research, you should look into engine displacement values, carburetor type and whether it has a purge pump or not. The starting system is important as well, like with Echo’s i30 starting system which adds a 30% reduction in starting efforts versus standard systems. Other specs are fuel capacity and whether the unit comes with a see through fuel tank or not. Of course, we already mentioned air speed and air volume, cfm and mph, respectively. Lastly, consider weight and noise level in dB(A).

There are many things that people look for in a leaf blower when comparing different models. Besides the extras like padded shoulder straps and backrest on backpack models and variable speed throttle control, one thing that consumers overlook is the warranty. Echo offers a 5 year warranty on consumer use and 2 year warranty on commercial use for most of their models. These are some of the highest in the industry, so is another benefit of Echo leaf blowers.

Echo Leaf Blower Vac Models

If you use a consumer or commercial grade leaf blower, what are the features and specs that you look for in a good blower. Have you had problems like blowers that won’t start or have had to get replacement parts to repair a unit? Did you simply use the manual to make the repair or did you take your leaf blower to a professional. Have you had experience with Echo leaf blower troubleshooting, warranty claims or recall problems?