Cordless Leaf Blower

Cordless leaf blower vacuum and mulchers are popular with homeowners these days. The portability of lithium ion, battery-operated models like Black and Decker, Ryobi and other top home power tools brands is one of the main reasons why. People want to be as environmentally friendly as possible in their purchases as seen by the reviews of these bestselling cordless blowers. However, traditional gas cordless blowers are still widespread in commercial and home use.

cordless leaf blowerWhen it comes to cordless blower vacuum brands, the top and most popular include household names like Black and Decker (cordless broom), Toro and Ryobi as well as Makita and Dewalt which are known entities in the commercial world of power tools. There are even more economical choices like entry level blowers by Sun Joe, Worx and Remington, Earthwise and Tornado Tools that are sold locally and online. There are even models that use the same motor, but have a trimmer and edger kit that can be connected as well. This can be great for the homeowner looking for the ultimate in all-in-one.

If you’re looking for some great place to find these cordless leaf blower vac models for sale, try checking out Amazon, Walmart, and eBay along with Home Depot and Heartland America. Remember to think about applicable tax and shipping when buying online. Some online shops don’t charge this while others do. This can depend on where you live or where the product is being bought and the final shipping destination.

Cordless Leaf Blower Feature Comparison

Most of these cordless leaf blowers are battery-powered systems that used lithium-ion battery packs that are anywhere from 18v to 20volts. If they do not use batteries, then the cordless blower is a gas leaf blowing device. This type of blower for leaves presents its own set of pros and cons due to the use of gasoline as the power source. Check out our page on gas-powered blowers for more information.

Many consumers want all-in-one solutions when it comes to cordless blowers. You can definitely have it all these days as seen online. The only thing is that since the battery pack is onboard the unit, the whole system becomes a bit heavier. The increase in weight is not by much, but usually more than electric corded systems. Also, as you add features like vacuuming and mulching, then you can expect the weight to increase well. But, what you get is more convenience in a portable unit for taking care of leaves and debris in your yard. Another thing to think about is mph and rpm of the unit. This will determine blowing power. Lastly, for battery operated units, find out what the maximum runtime is. If it’s low, you may need a few extra batteries to get the job done.

Cordless Leaf Blower Vacuum Mulchers

If you’ve different types of leaf blowers, how do you feel about corded versus cordless models? If you prefer a certain brand like Ryobi or Dewalt, let us know. Do you feel that the vacuum and mulcher options work the same with both types? Which do you consider the best cordless leaf blower mulcher brands?